19 October 2009

Cheez Ball

I made a vegan cheese ball. And it tastes good! Seriously. I fed it to omnivores and vegetarians and they all liked it. It doesn't really taste like cheese, but really, do you want it to? I don't. I posted the recipe over on the Shrinking Violet Society's blog. Enjoy!


Jeni Treehugger said...

Looks real pretty.

Anonymous said...

i love vegan cheese balls. i make a smokey one that my husband loves and we always bring it to potlucks because omni's never know the difference and scarf it right down

crystal said...

Thanks, Jeni!

cookingforaveganlover: Do you have your recipe posted? This one has a little bit of a smokey flavor because of the smoked tofu and soy sauce, but it's subtle. I already have lots of variations running through my mind.