01 September 2009

Locavore 100 Mile Challenge: Day Two

Today's Menu:

Breakfast - spelt berries cooked in apple cider with blackberries and honey and mint tea with honey

Snack - acorn squash seeds toasted with camelina oil and savory herb with roasted red and yellow cherry tomatoes (from Fresh Abundance)

Lunch - a combination of leftover spelt berries and carrots from last night's dinner and leftovers from yesterday's lunch of zucchini, tomato, etc.

Snack: 2 peaches, apple cider

Dinner - mashed baked potato, roasted garlic, corn and savory herb mixed together and rolled in emmer flakes and fried in camelina oil over a bed of sauteed onion, purple sweet pepper, green beans (FA) and bok choy (p.e.a.c.h.)

Another day is coming to an end. I'm pretty sure that if I can make it to the end of Wednesday I'm golden. As I mentioned before, I'm going to need some more cider and fruit. I've been eating two peaches a day and feel like I need more variety. I've decided to forgo picking up any legumes (at least for now) because I feel like I'm getting enough protein from the spelt, emmer and veggies (yes, veggies have protein too!). I'm really having fun in the kitchen! I'd been in a rut recently and haven't been too creative with my meals. This challenge was just what I needed to get me thinking beyond tofu. My mid-morning snack was so good. I left the squash seeds in the oven a little too long and some of them got a little charred, but surprisingly that made them taste better. And the tomatoes I roasted after reading about Monique's breakfast yesterday were fabulous. Little pockets of sweet juicy flavor. Tonight's dinner was an experiment that paid off. The flavor of the roasted garlic really came through and played well with the sweetness of the corn. It was just fine with out the salt, but I couldn't help but long for a drizzle of something like a balsamic reduction. Again, this meal was kid-approved. I'm so thankful my son isn't nearly as picky as I was at his age.

Foods I'm craving:

bread of any kind
good vegan pizza
balsamic vinegar


Rachel said...

I just want to say that your mad fantastic cooking skillz are amazing!
And such lovely presentation too.

Your photos have me drooling and wishing I could come up with such creative ways to cook this stuff. I was most impressed with Monique's breakfast too.

Peanut, peanut butter...and Stephanie said...

You have such creative ideas and your breakfast sounded marvelous!

Great job :)

Geneva said...

Looks awesome!

I found boiling peach chunks in water and honey is great. Eat the chunks and save the peach juice for mint and peach tea or just to drink cold.

I am craving PB&J.

Andrew said...

That dinner looks fantastic!

Monique said...

dang- that looks sooooo good! All that and vegan? So impressive.

Becky said...

What everybody else has said. Everything sounds great and I'm very impressed! I too, am craving chocolate! However, I have no doubt you can make it till the end!

kittee said...

hey there!
i'm trying to put together a big mofo rss feed, and it doesn't look like your blog's feed is working...


crystal said...

kittee, i check my feed settings, and everything seems in order. i just haven't posted in a couple of weeks. i'd better start warming up for mofo!