02 September 2009

Locavore 100 Mile Challenge: Day Three

Today's menu (sorry, no pictures):

Breakfast - rolled emmer with honey and blackberries and mint tea with honey

Lunch - leftovers from last night's dinner

Snack - two peaches, apple cider

Dinner - spelt berries with tomatillo, roasted garlic and jalapeno (not so good), chard sauteed with onion and mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, savory herb and (gasp!) salt and Earth Balance

That's right, I'm out. I made it until about 7pm today. I had just spent another hour and a half making dinner when I realized that although this has been a fun and very educational experience, I just don't have the time to do it. I can't spend over an hour making dinner every night. I'm driving down to Richland on Saturday for my best friend's wedding and I still need to finish making the 200 paper cranes I promised her. I have some long days ahead of me and I'm going to need that coffee. I was a total zombie today at work, not just because of the caffeine addiction, but general exhaustion.

So as I finished cooking my 100% local dinner tonight, all of this was going through my mind. I decided I was done and threw some salt and Earth Balance on my mashed potatoes. It was so good. I missed salt.

I wish the rest of the contestants luck - I know you are stronger than I am!


Peanut, peanut butter...and Stephanie said...

Wow, 200 paper cranes? What is the theme of the wedding?

Good job making it this far...I'm going to miss the pictures (and descriptions) of your meals.

Becky said...

Oh no! Well..good job on making some of the most amazing sounding meals thus far. If there was a "Best Meals Made During the Locavore Challenge," I think you would and Monique would win!

Hank said...


Geneva said...

Crystal, wow. I thought you would win the entire thing. That is fine though.

Let us know if you need help making those cranes.