03 March 2009

My Favorite Tofu

I have always loved tofu. As a kid, my favorite way to eat it was just like this: fresh from the container (pressed just slightly) with some fresh grated ginger and soy sauce. Actually, when I was little it was teriyaki sauce. I was addicted to Kikoman's teriyaki - I even put it on french fries. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it (if not, it should have been implied), but I was a strange kid. When I was in sixth grade I decided I wanted to be a vegetarian. I took this little dish to school for lunch one day. (I should also mention that I used to prefer to mash up or scramble my tofu when I ate it this way.) One of my class mates looked at my lunch suspiciously and then accused me of eating cat food. And that was the last time I brought a vegetarian lunch to school. Of course I still eat my tofu this way, but now I slice it, isn't it pretty? It's very light and refreshing. My son loves his tofu this way too. He's takes after his mom.


Andrew said...

What's your favorite tofu to use for this? Have you tried Small Planet? New favorite for me.

crystal said...

I've been buying Woodstock Farms (firm) lately, although that's Westsoy in the picture.

I love Small Planet, but find it a little spendy to buy all the time. I get the Small Planet Dip and Spread when I feel like I deserve a little treat.