10 November 2008

Fudge Balls

These delicious morsels of chocolate are rolled in coconut and have a hidden ingredient: avocado. Yes; avocado and chocolate. I swear it is amazingly good and you cannot detect the slightest taste of avocado. Omnivores love this treat, too. I came across this recipe last year and adapted it slightly for a Halloween treat. Follow the recipe, but instead of spreading it in a pan, place the fudge in a bowl. Refrigerate for about half an hour, or until the fudge is the consistency of playdough. Using your hands, roll a tablespoon of fudge into a ball and coat in shredded unsweetened coconut. Return finished fudge balls to the refrigerator until hardened, then devour!


Mariah said...

I come from a biochemical background so when I first looked at these I assumed it was a scanning electron micrograph of some bacterium or something... haha! Fudge balls are much happier!

crystal said...

they do have a microbial look to them, don't they?

Anonymous said...

These microbial morsels are my utmost favorite!